Funny Craigslist Ad #159: Kids Bracelet – $20

I’m selling this funky kids friendship bracelet and some other items from our garage sale. Found it in a box in my son’s room after he moved out to college. I don’t think he has used it much, at least I never sawing his wearing it. He seemed really embarrassed when I asked him why he had a girl’s bracelet in there! Anyway it seems to be in decent condition although the rope has really taken a beating! Slightly stretches out. Still has good elasticity. It is great for a young girl as a going back-to-school gift. Im not exactly sure how it goes on… It could also make a funky anklet, or a key chain… that could be a bit cumbersome though. Could be added to a charm necklace as well. You get the idea. Respond to the email.

Date: 2009-09-12
*All images in this ad are original and were included in the original Craigslist post.



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