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So you came across this blog dedicated to bringing you the funniest craigslsit posts and advertisements. Most of the craigslist posts in this blog are truly hilarious almost to the point where you ask yourself can this really be true!? I personally believe most of them are genuine, but chances are some of advertisements were written up just for laughs.

Millions of people use Craigslist every day for various purposes: buying, selling, asking for help, looking for jobs, services, you name it. According to get approximately 8 million unique visitors a month with Boston, New York and Dallas being the top three most visited subdomains.

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The traffic and popularity of craigslist has attracted millions of individuals and organizations that seek to legitimately reach the right audiences. Over time craigslist has evolved into an extremely powerful grass roots marketing tool.

Automated Craigslist Ad Poster

craigslist auto poster proChances are you probably used craigslist at least one time in your life. Many of us have become power users™ that use craigslist extensively. This post is about an auto craigslist ad posting tool called CL BOT PRO that has a great potential to make lives of those power users much easier.

Quick disclaimer: By power users I by no means refer to spammers and scammers whom I hate as much as you do. You can effectively use this program to make most out of craigslist while staying within the realm of common sense and fairness.

Easy Way to Post Multiple Ads to Craigslist

Craigslist Bot Pro allows you to automate your personal and business online advertising. With a few simple clicks you can post multiple ads quickly and then manage day after day. As an example of situation where using a tool like CL BOT PRO, think about making a virtual garage sale on your local craigslist website. You went through the stuff you no longer need but believe you would rather sell it and make some money. Imagine that you have 10-20 items now imagine that you have hundreds (not necessarily a crazy scenario). Posting multiple ads on craigslist can be extremely time consuming, you have to repeat the same steps over and over again. Unless, of course, you read this article and get this extremely helpful piece of software.

Craigslist Bot Pro Features

Below is a list  of the main features that make this product so unique and appealing for everyone who can call himself a power user when it comes to Craigslist:

1.  Campaign manager (manage & post multiple ads), easily track and manage your group of ads. Your ads will be saved for future re-post or use a template, all in one convenient database.

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2.  Write, edit, and delete ads within the program and POST and DELETE posts Internal HTML editor for feature rich ads. Can be used in with services such as VFlyer. Customized and nicely edited ads will significantly improve your results.

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3.  Automated email verification stops having to always check and verify your email each time you post. This feature saves a lot of time

4.  Manage and post multiple ads in multiple categories with body and title randomization features. This will significantly reduce the probability of your ads being flagged as spam.

5.  Works around the problem of duplicate ad posting with intelligent ad structuring. CL Bot Pro has a capability to add invisible text to your adds making them unique and thus preventing from being flagged.

6.  Pop3 e-mail account support with rotating email feature (With upgrade)

7.  Craigslist account support – Post and delete with one or unlimited Craigslist Accounts!

8.  Save and display each ad status as reported in email.

9.  Optional post in all cities and categories targeted advertising allows you to be more efficient and avoid posting your ads in multiple categories and locations manually.

10.  Post HTML and IMAGE ads.- Advertise with your fancy HTML edited ads and ready to use images.

11.  Attach images to various ads automatically.

12.  Auto accept the terms of use great time saver!

13.  Complete postings reporting with failed postings with links to EDIT delete each POST!

14.  FREQUENT Future updates as they are needed. This is very important as program updates for software like this is not just about adding more features, it is vital to sustain the core functionality which is, of course, automated posting. Craigslist constantly changes the way their service operates and productivity enhancement tools like this have to always keep up with them and can become obsolete overnight if there is no solid support behind it.

15.  Enhanced Ad body/Title Randomizer your ads will look different with each and every post if you take advantage of this feature.

16. Enhanced Flagging Support.

17. Automatic CAPTCHA bypass available with Captcha King module! This is probably one of the biggest benefits that comes with CL Bot Pro, even considering the fact that you have to pay extra to use it. But there is no doubt that you wont regret using it. We all know that CAPTCHA verification is not just time consuming but can often be pain in the ass when you fail to enter the correct code. Happens to me all the time and causes a lot of frustration. I have to admit that I have not had a chance to use this particular feature, but will do this next time I have to manage a campaign on craigs. If you decide to plunge and give it a try make sure to let us know about your experience.

18.  Numerous add-ons available to customize YOUR auto-poster to YOUR needs! CL Bot Pro can be significantly enhanced to meet your specific needs. And I think this is a very smart approach to separating the additional functionality and making it available as separate add-on modules. This way to don’t have to pay through the nose to use the core functionality and have an option to add features as you need them. I will list just few of these:

  • Captcha King – Never enter the captcha for your postings again
  • Automatic Scheduler – Schedule for each campaign: Automatically posts to any category at intervals such as every day, every week, every two days… etc.
  • Proxy Module – Ability to use proxies within software to prevent banning with automatic rotation: HTTP and SOCKS v4,v5 proxies support. NOTE: IP Addresses are not included!
  • Automatic Repost Option – The program checks if the ad is already posted. If it is then the program deletes that ad before posting it secondly.
  • – Don’t settle for ads just on, post your ads on another very popular classifieds site – to get even more free traffic!
  • Ki emailer – Automatically extract emails and send messages to your target market. For example, you could use it to email all want ads for ‘mortgages’ in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Jiffy Gmail Email Creator – Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts in Seconds Flat Without Breaking a Sweat! Recommended additional software for posters with forwarding options and POP3 settings built in, all within a few easy clicks.

19.  You can use an unlimited amount of emails addresses with the CL Bot Pro so your Craigslist posts will appear as unique giving you less of chance of getting blocked or ghosted.

20. Also supports the ability to set a catch all email account for all post to be sent to a single email.

I can personally testify that this software works. However, it could be a little confusing and overwhelming at first when you are trying to figure it all out. Once you are past the learning curve believe me, you will appreciate you gave it a chance.

One great thing about this tool and its authors is that they are so confident their solution works that they are willing to provide you with a free demo that you can actually use and make up to 25 posts! The first sign of a scam or shadiness is when you come to a product landing page they try to convince you at all cost to believe them and sign up with your credit card information and call it convenience!

Download your free Demo today and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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