Funny Craigslist Ad #236: Sexy Christian Man needs Place to stay (Dallas Area)

Hello. I’m a smart level-head christian man. I’m relocating to Dallas because I love the city. I need a place to stay until I find a job. I’m looking to live with a woman. Ideally we will hit it off and can stat dating and form a relationship. I’m a great all around guy, and I’m attracted to women of all races, being that I’m mixed myself. I’m half spanish and half white. To me it’s all personality and character. If any single christian women are open to letting a good man stay with them while I get settled in….Message me…..Hopefully we will hit it off and can form a relationship, if not….we will def be good friends. I’m 28, 5’10..athletic build. To me age is just a number…so if you are younger or older….still hit me up to chat. When I come, I won’t be single long…don’t miss out on a great guy.

Oh Yeah…I can also do a background check, references, ect…

Date: 2012-08-03, 5:37PM CDT

Comment from the user who submitted this ad: Oh Dallas, Texas haha.



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