Funny Craigslist Ad #176: Jet Engine + Executive Office Chair = Awesome – $50 (Flower Mound)

Q: “HOLY CRAP! Is that an executive office chair?”
A: You got that right!

Q: Wait, where’s the jet engine?
A: Keep reading my friend.

Q: Does it come with all that black leather?
A: You know it!

Q: Is it in good condition?
A: Heck yeah! Barely used by a hot lady.

Q: Do you accept checks?
A: Only from my Mom.

Q: What other features does it have, a jet engine perhaps?
A: Casters, adjustments, padded armrests, leather scent! (Jet engine add-on for $9,000. Shipping is free!)

Q: Can I try it before I buy it?
A: Sit right down and have a spin!

??: Whoa, now I’m wearing a suit, a tie, giving orders, making deals, and loving money. I feel like part of the 1%. Get me a san’wich!
!!: That’s right, big guy. You. Are. The. MAN!

Q: Can I get a discount on your chair?
A: Perhaps. A discount of $5 will be given to anyone that sends me something funny, text or email. (2l4) 729-0239


*Jet Engine included for the low price of $9,000. Shipping is free.


*All images in this ad are original and were included in the original Craigslist post.




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