Funny Craigslist Ad #149: Moped gang (Bennington)

Us moped owners need to band together and rule the streets of bennington VT!!!!!
The gang name is currently under development and i will leave it to YOU to come up with an awesome name….The gang is open to anyone who meets these six requirements
1) You own any type of moped
2) You are a chill person.
3) You don’t know any 12 year old kids
4) You don’t mind calling someone a “SCUMBAG”
5)You look like you just rolled out of bed and haven’t taken a shower
6)You have or are planing on having a tattoo that covers half of your face/head
If any of the requirements do not suit you then you must click the “back page arrow” and leave me alone.

The gang will participate in a number of activities such as……
*Riding our mopeds around
*Freeing prostitutes back into the wild
*Milk challenge, cinnamon challenge, ect……
*T-Bagging our enemies
*Listening to dubsteb, and dank reggae mix tapes
*Going out and getting tattoos
*skipping work/school/other
*Doing sweet tricks down the 5 stair on our skateboards
*Yelling at Emos, and those guys who dress up as knights at the deer park
*Looking bad ass
*peeing in the pool
*Smoking the cigarettes that people throw on the ground

If you wish to join the gang please contact me via XBOX LIVE. My gamertag is: Cool for Cats 1 you can send me a voice message and be sure to be as load and unclear as possible, from there i will give you my email or my facebook and we can talk things over.
If you dont own an Xbox or dont have Xbox live then im sorry to say your screwed, and its about time you save up and buy one.

Thats all…………

  • Location: Bennington
  • it’s ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  • it’s OK to distribute this charitable volunteerism opportunity for inclusion in 3rd party web sites that have been approved by craigslist

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