Funny Craigslist Ad #134: Husband Needs a new Home – Low Low Re-homing fee. (Lakewood)

My husband said it’s him or the dog? So, it was a tough choice, but the dog only takes up part of the bed, and he doesn’t steal the covers, so I’m keeping the dog.

Husband has tendency to wander, likes to sleep all day, will play with his balls, isn’t house trained, but will beg to go out. Needs fenced yard without grass to mow, a home with plentiful food (favorite food is pizza) and drink (loves beer). Gets along well with other dogs, doesn’t much care for cats or children. Has little redeeming value, but he is cute. Comes from a long line of hunters, would love to be your hunting companion. Knows Sit, Heel, Stay, and Down. Doesn’t always do them? But he knows those commands; don’t let him try to convince you he doesn’t. Is current on all shots, pretty healthy, has had his teeth cleaned recently, and is NOT NEUTERED and tries to hump anything. I’d be happy to help pay for the neutering.

Too good home, fee negotiable, I know I can’t get anywhere near what I’ve got in him back. Comes with Broncos T shirt, large flat screen TV, and a big truck but only the T shirt is completely paid for.

Serious inquiries only!


Note from the user who submitted this ad: I saw this and I laughed my ass off!  I am sure others would find the humor in it also.  I also replied to her ad, because I thought it was very clever.



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