Funny Craigslist Ad #99: re: novel editor wanted by an idiot

You SERIOUSLY, with a straight face, typed that you wanted someone to edit your novel for $25……

Bud, you take the Craigslist idiot cake. You really do. I have seen some pretty low lowball ads in here, but you just took it to a whole ‘nother level of low.

WTF? I mean it. What the hell is in your crack pipe?

Tell you what. Why don’t you hike your ass over here paint my house for $45. The whole thing, front yard to back yard. two stories. Don’t forget the garage.

No, better yet. Hope about you rebuild my Explorer transmission for $62.

Or, can you replace all the pluming in my house for $87.46

And then, when you are done, I’ll edit your fucking novel for $25.

You people… I swear…

Date: 2009-10-14, 8:49PM PDT



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