Funny Craigslist Ad #67: How 2 Ikea trestles will fill your life with excitement

Trestles: Boring wooden A-frame support structures, right? WRONG! More like support structures for exciting people!!!

Most people think trestles are only good for a table or desk. Well guess what? MOST PEOPLE ARE WRONG!!!

1. Imagine Shawn Johnson’s chagrin when you bring home gold at the 2012 Olympics – simply from practicing the parallel bars on two trestles!!!

1 ikea trestles gymnastics

2. Or think about the awesome forts you (or your kids) will make. Teatime with Big Bear and the gang will never be the same!!!

2 ikea trestles fort

3. Did someone say strength training? Get rock solid abs in 30 days with the 2-trestle Xtreme Workout!!!

3 ikea trestles workout

4. Company coming over for the weekend? Give them a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous sleeping arrangement: two trestles and a mattress!!! (I don’t actually recommend doing this.)

4 ikea trestles bed
TRUE STORY: These trestles supported my desk when I went to school. I graduated with honours. Coincidence? I DON’T THINK SO!!!

5 ikea trestles success

Slap boredom in the face with a pair of trestles and make your life exciting!!! $50 for 2!!!

YOU: “Wait a minute, doesn’t Ikea sell them for $30 each? That would be $65.40 (tax incl.) for 2. That’s not much of a deal.”
ME: “Sure, but now you don’t have to go to Ikea!!! You can even take them home on the bus!!! And you just read a really entertaining advertisement!!! Or make me a better offer!!!”

Date: 2009-04-25, 6:11PM PDT

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